We are a dedicated daycare (not a pre-school) and children activity centre for your kids. You can leave you kid without any worry. We will take care of the daily needs of the kids including bath, food, develop toilet habits, hygiene and development activities. HND helps a child feel safe, secure, wanted, loved & treasured. This allows the child to be confident to explore, experiment, express, create & share. We at HND go the extra mile for each child. We offer the below mentioned facilities:

We provide online CCTV facility to the parents. CCTV Streaming of entire centre on Parent's mobile creates unparalleled trust between franchise and parent. Based on our experience we have observed that parents generally use this facility at-least for the first few months. This facility can also be used by grand-parents to see their young grand-children grow.

Long Working Hours

Keeping in mind the parents who travel far off for work and are unable to return early evening and also who have six day working we keep our daycare open as per details below:Monday to Saturday from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Infrastructure & Safety

Children become easily attached to a comfortable center outside the home environment especially if it is attractive, friendly, safe and stimulating.We provide air conditioned environment to the kids in Happy Nest Daycare.While designing the daycare centre, special focus is on the safety of the kids. Minimal use of material We believe in providing maximum vacant space to the kids so that they can play, dance and do whatever they like. Kids are never left unattended. Toys and rides available in HND are safe & kids friendly.Separate play area, sleeping room, study room etc. are provided to make the kids comfortable and orderly.

Schedule Flexibility

While we follow a schedule, we take extra care to customize the program to each child’s individual needs like flexible entry-exit timings, sleep patterns, diet constraints, age-specific enrichment, potty-training etc. Learning while playing does not have any schedule.HND helps a child feel safe, secure, wanted, loved & treasured. This allows the child to be confident to explore, experiment, express, create & share. We at HND go the extra mile for each child.

Adult to Child Ratio

HND maintains the best adult & child ratio with focus on the needs of kids of various age groups. For 6 to 18 months – 1:3, 19 to 36 months – 1:4, 37 to 60 months – 1:5, 61 months onwards – 1:8

Fresh and Healthy Food

We have in-house cooking facility. Fresh & nutritious food is prepared as per schedule.Parents can provide their own food also. We will warm the food and serve it to the child.We help in developing good eating habits in the kid.

Children Activity Centre

We understand the necessity of parents spending sufficient and quality time with their kids when they are back from work. We experienced that the kids were not able to take part and learn new activities as their parents came back late from work. Also, it is easy for parents & kids if they get all activities under the same roof instead of traveling from one place to another for each activity. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced lots of children activities in our daycare. Parents can enroll their kids in any/ all of these activities based on the age and interest of the child. Currently we have the below mentioned activities in HND: Tuition/ Homework assistance , Drawing & Painting , Art & Craft , Abacus , Vedic Maths , Robotics , Rubik Cube , Dance (Classical and Western) , Vocal Music and Musical Instruments

Trained and active Caretaker/ Teachers/ Maids

The first criteria that we look for in a caretaker/ teacher/ maid is their passion to take care of kids.Teachers for activities are well trained and certified. Caretakers are well educated and responsible persons. Maids are trained to maintain cleanliness and hygiene besides taking good care of the children.Their endeavor is to make a home for kids away from home in line with our tagline “where kids feel at home”.

Parent Involvement

We welcome mothers to spend time in HND centre before enrollment of their kids and after enrollment also.