Happy Nest Daycare Intro

We are a dedicated daycare and children activity centre for kids aged 6 months and above. We came into existence in 2014 when we felt the dearth of good, affordable and dedicated daycare facilities for children. To ensure that parents and children get sufficient time with each other, we provide many activities like dance, music, abacus, vedic maths, robotics classes and also assist the child in completing his/ her homework. This enables them to spend quality time with their parents. Our goal is to strengthen the bridge between parents’ work and family life by creating a worry-free environment that supports them both. In line with our tagline “where kids feel at home” we offer a home away from home where focus is on helping children develop their own unique identity by providing an environment that encourages them to explore, experiment and create. We follow the Montessori concept for children in the age group 0-3 years.